amazing facts about Earth

10 amazing facts about Earth

The Planet on which we are born. No other planet has been to find till date like earth. It has so far been the most Strange Planet for humans because life is found here. You may also know a lot about the earth, but today's post I will tell about 10 such interesting facts about the earth .. !!
our earth

1: If you think that there are only 7 continents, then you are wrong. According to Geo-Logical Definition, Earth has one another continent whose name is Zelendia Continent the only country on this continent is New Zealand the most part of this continent is in the sea It has been drowning millions of years ago, it used to be above ocean level....!
Zelendia Continent

2: It is also expected that there are almost 20 million tonnes of gold in our earth's ocean, If human beings succeed in getting rid of them, then about 44 kg of gold can be distributed to every person on earth.

3: 71% of the earth is the part of the sea, we humans know very well about only about 5% of these seas we do not know much about our seas so far. we have learned about space so far then seas.. !!

4: Do you know that  the longest mountain range of Earth, if you are wondering the Andes Mountain range, you are wrong because the longest mountain range on earth is under the sea, which is named Mid Ocean Ridge System which is 80 thousand kilometers And it is 20 times bigger than the longest mountain range Andes.
Mid Ocean Ridge

5: 70% of drinking water found on earth is located in the Antarctic continent only, of which 90% is snow .... !!
6: Our earth is located at a very good distance from the sun, that is, it is not far away from the Sun and not very close to the sun. This is the reason that we can stay comfortable here, an average temperature of the earth is 16 degrees Celsius but so far The highest temperature recorded was 57.8 degree Celsius, which was recorded in 1922 by L Azizia Libya .... !!

7: Our earth is moving very fast and we are also moving at the same speed. Our earth is moving around 1600 kilometers per hour around its axis which results in day changing to night and back again. And our earth also moving to sun orbits continuously every time and its speed of 10,7826 kilometers per hour but after so much speed why not reveal its speed because moving with the constant speed and hence we do not about moving of earth ... !!

8: Earth is not round. You must think that the Earth is perfectly round then you are wrong because the earth is a rotated at its axis and because of this point of gravity occurs in the center of the earth, because of these a new force occurs outside. Which gives the ocean and part of the land extra mark on the equator, which gives the shape of an egg to our earth. 

9: Earth is the only planet system which named after no Roman or Greek God ..... !!

10: - The rotation of our earth has become slow. According to the study, the rotation is 17 milliseconds slow in every 100 years. These speed does not matter to us, then we have to tension it. The day is 24 hours and due to its rotation speed slow, the earth will take 25 hours a day, but it will take 14 crores years to happen the seldom earth will end ... !!

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