Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan | Financial interim Budget 2019

Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan                 पूरा लेख हिंदी में पढ़ें

highlights of Pradhan Mantri shram yogi yojana 
1. Financial securities- The primary objective of the scheme is to offer financial securities to the people with no economic backup facilities. 
2. Pension scheme for applicants- Under this scheme, people working in the unorganized will be able to open their pension accounts and deposit money on a regular basis.
3. Monthly pension amount- Once the scheme matures, the person will be entitled to attain a monthly pension of Rs 3000 without fail. It will help the pension holders to meet the financial requirements without any issues.
4. Amount to be paid by the individual- The scheme highlights that the interested candidates will have to deposit a certain amount in the pension account. Applicants, who join the scheme at the age of 18 years, will have to make monthly contributions of Rs 55 till they attain the age of 60 years. However, if the age of applicants is 29 years of the age or more, they will have to deposit Rs 100 every month.
5. Government's contribution- Apart from the money deposited by the respective individuals, The contribution of the central government will also contribute to the pension account. The contribution of the central government has not yet been decided. The authority will soon come out with these details.
6. Total beneficiary- The central government estimate suggests that the successful implementation of this mega pension scheme will offer financial support to around 10 crore individuals, who earn their livelihood from the unorganized sector.
7. Age limit for contribution- The scheme highlights that any interested applicant, who has attained the age of 18 years will be able to deposit money in the scheme till 60 years.
8. Pension available from- Once the applicants reaches the age of 60 years; he/she will be able to reap the benefits of the scheme. Each month, a fixed pension amount will be deposited in the pension account of the individuals.
9. Budgetary allocation- The minister also highlighted that the central government has already set aside a mammoth amount of Rs 500 crore for the implementation of this scheme.

Candidate Contribution:

AGE               TILL  AGE                  MONTHLY              YEARLY              PENSION AFTER                                      
18                           60                                55 Rs                       660 Rs                 3000 pm
29                           60                              100 Rs                     1200 Rs                 3000 pm

Who is eligible:-

1. Residents of the country- The scheme will be implemented in all states and UT of India. So, interested applicants must be legal residents of the nation, and possess such certificates to support claims.
2. Professional criterion- Only candidates who work in the organized and unorganized sector will be allowed to join this scheme, provided they fulfil the other criterions.
3. Monthly income criterion- The scheme highlights that only those people will be able to attain the benefits of the pension scheme who earn less than or equal to Rs 15,000 on a monthly basis. Thus applicants must submit their income certificates.
4. Age certificate- As there is an age criterion for joining the scheme and attaining the pension, applicants will have to submit copies of their age certificated to support the claims.

How to apply and get registration form under PM Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojna

The scheme has just been announced. There is still time for the actual implementation of the project. The government will soon release necessary documents, which shed light on the application procedure of the scheme. Once the authority makes these announcements, you will get the details on this site so stay tuned with us. 
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