PM Kisaan Samman Nidhi Yojna 2019-kisan scheme @ 6000 per year for farmer

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The current central government announced that it will soon implement another scheme that will offer the financial grant for the poor farmers. Apart from this, the scheme will indirectly increase the use of fertilizers and boost agricultural stocks. hear, you will get application related, eligibility and other details associated with the PM Kissan Samman Nidhi Yojna(scheme).
PM Kisaan Samman Nidhi Yojna 2019-kisan scheme @ 6000 per month for farmer

Key features of the scheme

1. Development of farmers- The entire scheme focuses on offering financial support to needy farmers. The central government will offer some money, which can be utilized by the crop production.
2. Financial assistant- Under this scheme, the farmers will receive Rs 500 on a monthly basis. this brings the grant amount to Rs 6000 per years.
3. Payment in instalment- The minister stated that the amount, promised under the scheme will be paid by the central government in three separate instalments. 

Eligibility and documents which needed 

1. For the citizen of India- As the scheme is sponsored by the central government, farmers who are the citizen of India will be able to apply the perks.
2. Category of farmers- The minister highlighted that the implementation of this project will be done for the development of poor farmers. Thus, only small and marginal agriculture labours will be allowed to become a part of this scheme.
3. A measure of the landholding- If the farm holding of the applicant is more than 2 acres, then he/she will be unable to attain the benefits of the scheme. To support this claim, applicants will have to deposit the landholding papers.
4. Bank account details- The money, offered by the central government, will get deposited in the bank account of the respective farmers. This eliminates corruption and offers transparency in the process. Thus, applicants must have their bank accounts.

How to apply and get the registration form?

The scheme has just been the minister. He also highlighted that the central government is working day in and out to ensure that the scheme offers respite to the poor farmers. Thus, it is mandatory that the project is watertight. Nothing about the application procedure or the attainment of enrollment documents has been mentioned. When the central government comes out with these details you will get it on this site so stay tuned with us.